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Translation Services

Translation Services - Public Documents - Verba Scripta

Public Documents

Certificates of birth, baptism, marriage, death, marital status, criminal records, certificates of Municipalities, Services (Tax Offices, PPC, Water Supply and Sewerage System), Organizations (social insurance bodies, manpower employment agency), banks, driving licenses, residence permits, business licenses, ID cards/passports, military service certificates, solemn statements, Government Gazette

Translation Services - School Certificates and University Degrees-Diplomas - Verba Scripta

School Certificates and University Degrees-Diplomas

Gymnasium/Lyceum certificates, transcript of records, certificates of studies (public and private sector), Diploma Supplement

Translation Services - Legal Documents - Verba Scripta

Legal Documents

Court decisions, powers of attorney, court records, company-union statutes, various types of agreements/contracts, General Commercial Register certificates, notarial acts, cadastral extracts

Translation Services - Financial/Business Documents - Verba Scripta

Financial/Business Documents

Tax returns, invoices, balance sheets, other tax offices’ certificates

Translation Services - Medical Documents - Verba Scripta

Medical Documents

Medical receipts, reports/opinions, laboratory tests (blood tests), health booklets, vaccination cards

Translation Services - Other - Verba Scripta


Tourism-related texts, website translation, student papers, Apostille, letters of recommendation, general letters, mobile and fixed telephony bills, curriculum vitae, newspaper/magazine articles, European Union texts


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